高中英语Book 9 Unit 5 Using language II

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Unit 5

Obey your thirst.

Things go better with Coca-Cola.

Take time to indulge.尽 情享受吧!

The new digital era 数码新时代

Read the text quickly and then choose the best answer. ? The purpose of the passage is to __B__.

? inform us of the fact that there are many

advertisements in our daily life.

B. help us understand how advertisements work and

avoid being controlled by them.

C. tell us how effective advertisements are

D. show us how effective advertisements can be made.

2. All of the following facts about an ad in paragraph 2

are mentioned except its ___D___.

? definition

B. means

C. advertisers

D. target audience

3. In order to make effective ads, advertisers should__D_

? identify the target

B. appeal to the target

C. choose a suitable medium D. all of above

4. The example of the adolescent boys in the third paragraph shows us___B_. ? which group is the target of the computer games B. it is important for advertisers to identify the target
audience. C. that young people are more likely to buy computers
games. D. it makes sense to make computer game ads that
appeal to adolescent boys. 5. Which is Not True about the following ads? D ? The message of the ad “SUPER SHOOZE” is “If you wear our shoes you’ll have an exciting life, and be popular and have fun.

B. The ad “SUPER SHOOZE” is made for young people who like sports, the latest fashions and like to be part of a group. C. The ads about environment appeals to our conscience or our desire to be worthy citizens. D. The ads of “Speeding” and “How fast am I going” call on drivers to driver fast.


1 暴露于


3.pass by advertisements on buses or billboard

4. 在网上偶然看到广告 5. 避免被它们控制


7. reach its target audience

8.appeal to our hopes and dreams or our emotions 9. 迎合人们省钱的愿望

10. 在恰当的媒体上置入广告

11. 对…适合

12. 对产品产生情感反应

1.Do you know how many advertisements you are
exposed to in your daily life? 你知道你在日常生活中要面对多少广告吗?
expose expose sb./ sth./oneself to…使暴露,使遭受 expose one’s skin to sun把皮肤暴露在阳光下 The baby was left exposed to the wind and rain. 婴儿被遗弃在风雨中。
2. Every day we pass by advertisements on buses…. …..我们都会遇到广告。 pass by (sth./ sb.)经过,走过 I saw the procession pass by .
I saw the procession pass by my front door.

3. Even some of the casual garments we wear have brand names attached to them, which turn us into walking advertisement.

甚至在我们的休闲服上也印着品牌的名字,这就把我 们变成了“移动广告”。


He is our walking dictionary.

a walking target

walk the dog

go out for a walk

4. With so many massages from advertisers filling our daily lives, it is important to understand how advertisements work.
with sth/ sb to do/ doing/ done
1) He will fly to Paris, with his secretary _____( meet) him.
2) With her son ____ ( send) to her parents, she had a precious free time.
3) I stepped into the classroom with many teachers _____ (follow) behind.
做题方法总结:1)判断是否是“有---要干” 2)判断这个动词与sth或sb构成什么关系

5. Their money would be wasted if the message didn’t reach its target audience, in other words the people the advertisement intends to persuade.
如果信息不能传达给它的目标群体,也就是广告意图说 服的人群的话,那么他们的钱就白花了。
1)(10.山东)Helping others is a habit, _____ you can learn even at an early age.
A the one B that C what D one
2)Now do the same with your opposite hand, ____ you don’t usually use for writing.
A one B that C the one D what

6. It makes sense to make computer game ads that appeal to this group.
针对这个目标群体制作有吸引力的电脑游戏广告才是有 意义的。
7. Having identified the target group, the researchers find as much as possible about those in the target group, such as their likes and dislikes, and how the product would fit into their lives.
明确了广告的目标群体后,研究人员就会尽量收集这个 群体的有关信息,例如他们的好恶、以及如何使产品适 应他们的生活。

1)(2011上海春季)Harrison Ford is thought to be

one of the few movie stars _______ as a


A to work

B to be working

C to have worked D to have been working

2) Dina, ____ for months to find a job as a waitress,

finally took a position at a local advertising


A struggling

B struggled

C having struggled

D to struggle

3) (08山东)The country has already sent up three

unmanned spacecraft, the most recent ___ at the

end of last March.

A has been launched B having been launched

C being launched

D to be launched

4) The crowd cheered widely at the sight of Liu

Xiang, who was reported to _____( break) the

world record in the 110-meter hurdle race

8. This information then forms the basis for

decisions about what type of advertising

techniques to use with this group.



1)Could I speak to ____ is in charge of International

Sales, please?

A anyone

B someone

C whoever

D no matter who

2) ____ was most important to her, she told me, was

her family.

A it B This C What D As

9.Ads that feature rich and famous people will grab the attention of those who admire people like that. 以有钱人和名人为特色的广告则会抓住那些对他们羡慕的 人的注意力。
10.As well as worrying about the expense , advertisers must also consider which media are most appropriate for their product and which their target audience is most likely to see or hear. 正如担心费用一样,广告商还必须考虑哪种媒体最适合他 们的产品,并且他们的目标群体最愿意收看或收听哪种媒 体。
11.It would be appropriate to use radio to advertise goods and services relating to cars. 用无线电播送与汽车有关的产品与服务就很合适。

12.However, it would be no use advertising products on radio if the ad relies on visual effects. 但如果一项产品的广告要依靠视觉效果,那么它在收音 机里 播出就毫无意义了。
13.Television adverts are great for generating emotional responses to a product. 电视广告能够激起人们对某种产品产生情感反应。
14.However good an advertisements is, ….; no matter how good an ad for a car stereo system is,… 不管他回来多晚,他母亲都会等他。
However late he comes, his mother will wait for him. 15.On the other hand, being constantly exposed to advertisements can help to change our opinions over time. 另一方面,经常处于广告的包围中,我们的想法有可能 随着时间的流逝而发生变化。